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Baby Eczema

Eczema is broad term used for the number of different skin conditions like dry, red, irritating skin. Eczema can occur anywhere on body but babies mostly manifest it on scalp, forehead, and chest and around joints. Reddening, cracking, swelling, or scaling of the skin. Fleshy and quite reddish pimples arise mostly on the cheeks forehead and cheeks and at the back side. Whiteheads are also observed. It cause mostly if the baby has high fever and his skin is aggravated or irritated. If baby clothes are cleaned […]

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Baby Acne Eczema

Baby acne eczema is common and mostly starts by about 3 weeks of age. In this case the delicate face of newborn baby covers up with the red bumps which look like pimples. There may be number of reasons behind the skin irritation of your baby. Baby acne mostly affects cheeks, forehead and even back. It shows prominent pimple marks on face usually when your baby is hot or fussy. There are common irritants like, split up milk, strong soap, chemical detergents used for baby cloth wash. […]

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